Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Bush Library

Via USA Today:

Former president George W. Bush says his new presidential library is “a place to lay out facts,” not a forum to explain policies such as the war with Iraq or his administration’s handling of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath.

“There’s no need to defend myself,” Bush said in a phone interview with USA TODAY. “I did what I did and ultimately history will judge.”

If there’s no need to defend himself, then why would he bring it up unless he felt that there was a need to defend himself?

5 barks and woofs on “The Bush Library

  1. Did you see the write-up on the “decide for yourself” exercises? It’s laughable: take all the [pseudo]intelligence you’re given about a specific event and make decisions based on what you “know” from that. Shrub’s not doing himself any favors illustrating so graphically that he could be lied to convincingly enough to plunge the US into two nasty land wars in Asia and shred the Bill of Rights in the process. The exhibit should be subtitled “Chimp, or Chump?”

  2. Not the facts as I see them. He is a first class jerk, and historians should not waste their time dealing with an idiot in chief.

  3. He might start explaining himself to history by noting that the pair of bombers whose mayhem has horrified the nation most recently seem to have been influenced by the writings of Al-Awaki who also had long distance power over the soldier who shot up Ft. Hood. The imam was once a resident of the Boston area, peace-loving and happy to live in America until Bush began the war in Iraq. And when Muslims were targeted by the CIA and the Bush White House Al-Awaki turned more and more revengeful. Bush wasn’t just a bumbler, he was an international terrorist.

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