Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Your Slip Is Showing

Jon Stewart’s pithy question about right-wingers and their obsession with intimate acts with barnyard creatures reminds me that there are some people who have some really creepy things lurking around in their subconscious.

For example, last month Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) said he was not in favor of marriage equality because he didn’t plan on marrying a man.  Okay, fine; no one is asking him to.  The question is really about those people who want to.

Now we have another member of the Georgia congressional delegation telling us that he’s not interested in gender transition surgery.  Via the Huffington Post:

“I don’t want to pay for a sex-change operation,” Broun told town hall attendees, presumably referring to a proposal, scrapped by the Obama administration late last month, that would have allowed gender confirmation surgeries to be covered under Medicare and Medicaid. “I’m not interested. I like being a boy.”

Yeah; anyone over the age of twenty-one who refers to himself as a “boy” has a few more issues than what’s in the fine print of Obamacare.  (FYI, such surgeries are not covered.  That’s up to your insurance company.)

By the way, the news that Mr. Chambliss is not gay was received with great joy among those of us who are.

One bark on “Your Slip Is Showing

  1. Dear Senator Chambliss: maybe you might look at this differently if your LGBT constituents informed you they’re tired of subsidizing your heterosexuality.

    Dear Representative Broun: how about this – you don’t pay for someone’s gender reassignment, and we (meaning the taxpayers) don’t pay for your Viagra, prostate surgery and chemo. That’s fair, yes?

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