Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bad Influences

I expected this kind of reaction to the halfway measure the Boy Scouts took last week regarding gay kids in their ranks.

Kootenai County, Idaho Sheriff Ben Wolfinger threatened on Friday to drop his department’s sponsorship of a Boy Scout troop because “[i]t would be inappropriate for the sheriff’s office to sponsor an organization that is promoting a lifestyle that is in violation of state law.” Just in case there was any ambiguity regarding what “lifestyle” Wolfinger was referring to, he also sent a copy of an anti-sodomy statute that is still on the books in Idaho to an official for the Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts of America’s National Council voted last week to stop discriminating against gay scouts, although they will continue to exclude LGBT people from scout leadership.

It’s interesting — and creepy — that the first thing that jumps to the sheriff’s mind when he thinks about gays is sodomy.  Because if that’s all he can think about, he’s the one with the problem, not the BSA, and perhaps this fellow shouldn’t be hanging around with impressionable children if that’s all he’s got on his mind.

And then there’s this minister of the gospel in Alabama who proves that some Christians really took the lessons of Jesus Christ to heart when it comes to loving thy neighbor as thyself.

First Baptist Church of Helena Pastor Greg Walker is one of the church leaders unhappy with the decision to allow openly gay scouts.

“It’s hard on a personal level to say to a troop of young boys who have done nothing wrong and to the leaders, ‘You’re not welcome here,'”Walker said.

But that’s exactly what he says he must do.

“I didn’t make the decision, Boy Scouts of America did,” Walker said.

So Troop Number 2 will no longer be able to meet at the church.

“It’s an issue as a church pastor and Christian that I can’t allow a group to openly support a sinful lifestyle under the umbrella of First Baptist Helena,” Walker said.

Having kids around a church that so blatantly discriminates against people who have done nothing is a really bad way to show them that adults and people of faith are role models for treating all people as fellow human beings and deserving of respect.

Who would want their kids around these ugly people?

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