Monday, May 20, 2013

Being Trendy

I now have a Twitter account.  It is @BobbyBBWW.

I don’t promise I’ll be tweeting every minute of the day, and I won’t be filling you in on everything I do, eat, see, or hear.  For one thing, I can’t twitter from the office, which is where I spend most of my time.  Second, I can’t imagine anyone would actually give a rat’s ass about what I do, eat, see, or hear.

But anyway, I’m on it.  Yip yah.

One bark on “Being Trendy

  1. Explain to this Gray Beard (in a manner of speaking) what will be the advantage of being the recipient and/or sender of Tweets. I note that even NPR has a Twitter account so it must be important to their ability to stay relevant to the listeners who might be working or driving or trying to take a nap. But I’m way lost in understanding how doing the constant connecting is a boon. I’m just as lost in understanding the Google Glass phenomenon. Who on earth will be checking the photographs taken by winking and blinking and if so why?

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