Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bobby Jindal’s Vouchers Crash

Well, that didn’t work out too well.

Louisiana’s Supreme Court has ruled that the funding method for a private school tuition voucher program pushed through the Legislature last year by Gov. Bobby Jindal is unconstitutional.

Tuesday’s 6-1 decision upholds a state district court ruling that the state constitution forbids using money earmarked for public schools in the state’s Minimum Foundation Program to pay for private school tuition.

The Jindal administration has pushed on with the voucher program, despite the previous court rulings. Roughly 8,000 students have been approved for vouchers in the coming school year. It remains unclear how the program will be funded, now that use of the MFP money has been struck down.

There’s no perfect way to fix the public education system in America, but taking money away from it and giving it to anyone with a Quonset hut and a bible to set up a “private” school isn’t one of them.

The idea of spending public money on private schools should be anathema to the conservatives anyway.