Friday, May 31, 2013

Bright Future

Sen. Ted Cruz looks for the best and the brightest.

“If you sit back and you list who are the brightest stars in the Republican Party, who are the most effective advocates for free-market principles, you come up with names like Marco Rubio, like Mike Lee, like Rand Paul, like Pat Toomey, like Scott Walker,” Cruz said as a man in the audience at the New York State Republican Party dinner yelled his name.

“You have to go back to World War II to see such a transformation of the people leading the fight, leading the argument for conservative principles, being an entirely new generation of leaders stepping forward.” Cruz continued, describing the men who grew up while Reagan served in office. “In this new generation of leaders, you see the echoes of that same communication, that same love story of freedom, echoing we are right and all of us together are working to communicate that message.”

The irony is that each of the people that Mr. Cruz mentioned have all demonstrated that they would have kicked Ronald Reagan out of the GOP because he was far too liberal for their dogma.  He signed an abortion bill while he was governor of California, and while he was president, he raised taxes.  They’re talking about “Ronald Reagan,” the man who single-handedly tore down the Berlin Wall and unleashed capitalism and the Baby Jesus across the land.

As far as being the “bright future” of the Republican Party, you don’t have to be a partisan to notice that among the names Mr. Cruz has listed, not one of these hopefuls has raised a new idea or put forward anything other than boilerplate 19th century jingoism and warmed-over rhetoric that couldn’t get past the Eisenhower administration.

If that’s what we have to look forward to, bring back Timothy Leary.

One bark on “Bright Future

  1. You have to go back to World War II to see such a transformation of the people leading the fight

    And who do you find when you look back that far? Why, three figures: Eisenhower – who’d be booted out of the modern GOTea way before Reagan, Marshall – whose postwar recovery plan for Europe goes ENTIRELY against Teh Austerity and spent billions on [gasp] foreign aid, and McCarthy – who prototyped The Crazy for the current generation, and (eventually) got called on it.

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