Saturday, May 18, 2013

In Perspective

Andrew Sullivan gets in Peggy Noonan’s face for writing “We are in the midst of the worst Washington scandal since Watergate.”

Can she actually believe this? Has this president broken the law, lied under oath, or authorized war crimes? Has he traded arms for hostages with Iran? Has he knowingly sent his cabinet out to tell lies about his sex life? Has he sat by idly as an American city was destroyed by a hurricane? Has he started a war with no planning for an occupation? Has he started a war based on a lie, and destroyed the US’ credibility and moral standing while he was at it, leaving nothing but a smoldering and now rekindled civil sectarian war?

So far as I can tell, this president has done nothing illegal, unethical or even wrong.

Charlie Pierce adds his wisdom:

For the benefit of wandering fetuses who may have joined our program in progress—and for the benefit of aging stenographers whose memories may be failing them—here is what has happened in the IRS “scandal” so far. There was bureaucratic dumbassery in the IRS office in Cincinnati to which there was something of an inadequate response by the home office in Washington. This dumbassery concerned the criteria involved in the certification process of 501 (c) 4 groups which, since the Citizens United decision was handed down, have become the biggest scam against democracy this side of whatever Michelle Rhee comes up with next. (It did not involve, you know, actual IRS audits of said groups. It was about…paperwork.) Subsequently, the IRS blew the whistle on itself. The president fired an interim commissioner. Somebody else resigned. The president got angry about it. And that’s it.

And to top off the week, there was a HUGE scandal about President Obama asking two Marines to hold umbrellas over him and the Prime Minister of Turkey.  What an outrage!  Why is he still president?

Because history shows that lots of other presidents, including St. Ronald, have been there and done that.  Oh, and so did the Sarah Palin, the dingbat who started the whole flap in the first place.

So there.

ETA: FC points to a little bit of background on Grand Inquisitor Darrell Issa, who has his own past to account for.

HT to ntodd.

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  1. Of course, to Pegger Nooner and her ilk, the REAL problem is TABMITWH.

    I often wonder what would have happened had Herman Cain won the presidency… would the racist bastards still have hated Cain they way they hate Obama?

    Or would it be IOKIYAR?

  2. Wonderful stuff this morning in the Times from Blow and Collins. And most delectable is that all the IRS employees, poor overworked slobs with some 75,000 applications for tax exemption to sort through and 200 people to do it, are all covered by civil service. Maybe one person will be moved sideways, but that’s it. Heh . . .

  3. They shouldn’t be tax exempt. They are not charities, they are blatant organizations designed to help Republicans. Democrats should not be tax exempt either. What nonsense!

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