Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inge Festival Day 1

We saw a very nice production of Bus Stop last night.  This is the one Inge play that got a lot of notice because it was made into a movie with Marilyn Monroe as the “chanteuse” Cherie.  The movie isn’t a lot like the play — for one thing, a major character, Dr. Lyman, has been excised — and the emphasis on Cherie takes away from the rest of the characters who make the ensemble work.  The performance we saw was a fine example of ensemble casting and good work.

I spent some time catching up with friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in years.  Elizabeth Wilson is back, and she told us about the two months she spent in London filming Hyde Park on Hudson and what it was like working with Bill Murray playing her son: Franklin D. Roosevelt.  I also spent time with Marshall Mason, one of the men I wrote about in my doctoral thesis.

Today will be workshops and more catching up.

PS: The cold front came through as promised, dropping the temperature from 80 to 48 while we were in the theatre.  Glad I brought my Toledo Mud Hens jacket: yes, that says “Snow.”