Friday, May 3, 2013

Inge Festival Day 2

Thursday was cold and rainy.  I’ve seen a lot of strange weather at the Inge, ranging from tornadoes to blistering heat, but snow in May beats everything.

But we still got out and did the things that we came here for, which was talking about theatre, schmoozing with friends, listening to stories about plays and the people who make them, and then actually going to workshops and seeing presentations.  Yesterday I watched readings of short plays called “The Inge Variations” wherein selected playwrights took characters from Inge plays such as Rosemary from Picnic and Grace from Bus Stop and put them into new situations.  It was a lot of fun.

Last night we saw the staged reading of Samuel D. Hunter’s new play A Great Wilderness.  Mr. Hunter is the New Voices award winner for 2013.  The play was read by, among others, Dakin Matthews and Shirley Knight, and was very well done.

Today is the big day for me: my paper will be presented this afternoon, and a lot of people have threatened to show up to hear it.

Tonight is the gala dinner and birthday celebration for William Inge.  There will be cake.

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