Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kneejerk Reaction

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is right on top of the story.

Sen. Marco Rubio has sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew in which he says “I strongly urge that you and President Obama demand the IRS Commissioner’s resignation, effectively immediately.” It’s perhaps a sign of how interested in the details of this matter Rubio is that there in fact is no IRS commissioner at present. The last IRS commissioner, Douglas Shulman, was appointed by George W. Bush in March of 2008 and resigned in November. It seems unlikely that this Republican appointee was engineering an inquiry in Tea Party groups’ tax status for partisan reasons and even if Shulman is to blame he can’t resign because he’s … already resigned.

Apparently Mr. Rubio is so desperate to get out in front of the story that he shoots his mouth off before knowing all the facts.  What a surprise.

2 barks and woofs on “Kneejerk Reaction

  1. Perhaps if Rubio and his fellow Teahadists had got off their a##es and confirmed a few more appointments, there’d be an IRS Commissioner whose resignation they could demand.

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