Monday, May 6, 2013

Question of the Day

Even though we got a blast of winter’s last gasp in Kansas last weekend, it’s full-tilt springtime, and a lot of folks turn their thoughts to the outdoors.

What’s in your garden this year?

Mine consists of my faithful philodendrons and orchids, still growing despite my best efforts of care and feeding.

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  1. The little earthen patch outside my front door was choked with garlic mustard last year. This year I’ve pulled out a lot of it and scattered a lot of pumpkin and squash seeds. I’m hoping that if those big-leafed plants can spread out, they’ll smother and shade out the weed. I plan to leave some of the gourd on the ground, to rot and reseed as volunteers, a spreading, self-maintaining pumpkin patch.

  2. We ate the first tomato that Emmy and her mom grew in their green, green garden. Little bit of basil to go in the salad and pasta sauce, too. I’m sort of excited for the lemon grass, myself.

  3. We simply cannot grow vegetables here. We had oranges until last week the Baltimore Orioles flew in here migrating and they ate every last orange. This day I cleaned out a plant spot in the front yard; there are aloe, amarillus,yucca and a small jacaranda tree we are trying hard to grow. There are many varieties of roses and daises. In the back yard the cacti(lots of cactus) are blooming. There are also, some hibiscus, oleander, a rubber tree and a boat load of other stuff; Russ just can’t resist digging in the dirt.

  4. We are making a big effort in the veggie garden this year; rutabagas and radishes are up, some broccoli and cabbage seedlings in the ground. Potatoes, corn and green beans have not sprouted greenery yet. Tomatoes are started, beet seeds look dubious. More seed packets await….summer greens, chard and tomatillos.

    Now…to drink coffee and fall down after early yard work in the sun.

  5. S’cuse me, MB. You have a GARDEN? You actually dig in the dirt and pull up the crab grass? You put in annuals and spray the bugs off the perennials? I’m startled and amazed. I thought your ancient philodendron was trained up the side of the Florida porch and the gorgeous ever-blooming orchid (there’s more than one?) hangs from the rafters thereupon.

    Good for you! Send photos . . .

    • To quote the post (below the question):

      Mine consists of my faithful philodendrons and orchids, still growing despite my best efforts of care and feeding.

      Sorry to disappoint you. I just don’t have the time. But the hibiscus are doing quite well.

  6. Moving next month, and getting something that (vaguely) resembles a back yard for the first time in [mumble-mumble] years, so time to think about such things. OTOH, if it’s me doing the planting, it’ll still be brown (I can’t grow mold).

  7. I have been busy weeding. My pansies still look good. I mainly do flowers. My white lilac is blooming. I will do my potted stuff soon and take my house plants outside.

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