Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Morning Garden

From my trip last week, some photos from my parents’ yard in Perrysburg.





That should inspire you to get out there and play in the dirt.

5 barks and woofs on “Saturday Morning Garden

  1. Not a chance! I hate digging in the dirt. I pruned the cactus yesterday for Russ and the one is like 8′ tall. I only got poked once. I’m the guy who has to push the mower and run the weeder;that’s more than enough for this old guy.

  2. What lovely pictures! I’m so happy to have them. And by the way, the wrens have returned and are making noisy love in one of the birdhouses. Meanwhile we’re waiting for the hummingbirds to sip at the feeder with its freshly made nectar which should happen any day now. Will report back.

  3. Lol at first glance that birdhouse looked HUGE, second look put it in perspective. Beautiful garden.

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