Friday, May 17, 2013

Strong Opinions

It must have been fun doing this research.

Bicep LeftMen who are strong are more likely to take a right-wing stance, while weaker men support the welfare state, researchers claim

Their study discovered a link between a man’s upper-body strength and their political views.

Scientists from Aarhus University in Denmark collected data on bicep size, socio-economic status and support for economic redistribution from hundreds in America, Argentina and Denmark.

The figures revealed that men with higher upper-body strength were less likely to support left-wing policies on the redistribution of wealth.

But men with low upper-body strength were more likely to put their own self-interest aside and support a welfare state.

I spent twenty years working out three or four days a week.  Got pretty buff, if I do say so myself, and my political opinions and views of society didn’t change from the liberal point of view that I had going in.  But maybe I was just hanging out with the wrong set of gym bunnies.