Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baptists Come Out

It’s a good thing that the Southern Baptists are not happy with the Boy Scouts.

The Southern Baptist Convention on Wednesday called for the removal of some of the Boy Scouts’ leadership after the organization voted to allow gay youth to join, but did not ask its affiliated churches to pull their sponsorship of Scouting.

The convention approved the call in a resolution crafted by a committee at the group’s annual meeting in Houston. It comes three weeks after the Boy Scouts of America voted in an historic ballot to allow gay youth to join after the issue of LGBT membership had roiled the youth organization for years.

“Bapists didn’t put this on the agenda. The Boy Scouts of America put this on the agenda. This was something to which we had to respond,” said Russell Moore, president of the convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee.

Now that they’re on the record, it leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that they’re a bunch of sniveling homophobic bigots and having them and their affiliated churches as sponsors of Boy Scout troops poses a danger to those young men and their families.

Being around people who routinely hate other people based on nothing more than superstition and who show an unhealthy obsession with the sexual activities of teenagers is wrong, and the Boy Scouts should be glad to be rid of them.

One bark on “Baptists Come Out

  1. Speaking from experience:

    They’re far less sniveling homophobic bigots than they are outwardly-respectable closet freaks committed to some sort of double life: the public-facing one with the picket fence, spouse, kids and dog; and the private one with the boys on the side and the whips and chains. Idgie Threadgoode was right: you’ll see them every day outside Sunday just about anywhere but church doing anything but pray.

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