Thursday, June 20, 2013

Doing The Write Thing

citywrights logoI am participating in the City Theatre’s CityWrights playwriting conference for the rest of the week, so blogging is going to be light and variable through Sunday.

This is my second year of attending the confab.  Last year the guest artist was Christopher Durang, who just won the Tony Award for Best Play, so maybe there’s some connection.  This year the guest of honor is Tina Howe, who was the honoree at the William Inge Festival in 2005.  This should be fun.

Oh, and in other theatre news, my play Ask Me Anything has been selected for the New Theatre’s Miami 1-Act Festival taking place on July 5-7.  This is the same play that was done last month up at Short Cuts 3 in Lake Worth, so it’s getting some legs.  More on that later.

I’ll have my laptop with me so I’ll be keeping up with the news, and if the Supreme Court hands down the ruling on DOMA and/or Prop 8, I’ll be here.

Meanwhile, write on.