Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DOMA Goes Down

It hasn’t really sunk in yet… and it doesn’t affect me personally yet… but finally I feel like a whole citizen and that there is a place for me and people like me who just want to live their lives as equal partners.

I’ll have more when I get home.

PS: To quote my mom: “Roberts tried to declare the court didn’t have jurisdiction, but was voted down – narrowly.  What a dick.”

HT to CLW.

4 barks and woofs on “DOMA Goes Down

    • Perhaps. But it’s warning too: there were 4 votes for perpetuating that bigotry today, and yesterday (on the VRA) there were five. This is not a particularly good sign, and it’s proof positive that the GOTea does not belong anywhere near a legislative body (Congress or state legislature) or a governor’s mansion or the WH – at least until they stop pandering to the Teahad.

  1. But they did have jurisdiction to make a political ruling about the Voting Rights Act?

    It’s a better day than yesterday, anyway!

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