Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fundamental Flaw

After the Newtown shootings, the conservatives and the gun lobby said that we should focus on treating people with mental illness rather than go after guns.  They have a point; mental illness has been ignored as a part of our national healthcare for far too long, a lot of people suffer from them to some degree, and we should do something about it.

So when President Obama convened a national conference on mental health, you would think that he would garner support from the conservatives, whom you would think would be in favor of treating mental illness seriously.  (Okay, insert your cheap shot here.)

But of course you would be wrong.

President Obama convened a mental health conference today to encourage a national conversation about mental illness, including a public service announcement campaign targeted at young people and veterans. If you think that sounds fairly innocuous, the Daily Caller’s Neil Munro is here to straighten you out:

President Barack Obama urged depressed, stressed and disturbed Americans to depend on the U.S. government’s growing corps of taxpayer-funded mental health professionals.

That phrase—”taxpayer-funded mental health professionals”—seems to hint that a simple PR campaign to treat mental illness would lead to Obamacare Creep, even though the majority of mental health treatment is paid for through private insurance.

But the real meat of the story is Munro’s assertion that anxiety and depression aren’t real illnesses

Honestly, if the right wing came out in support of the president on this, I would think that they might have a problem themselves.

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