Friday, June 21, 2013

Plowed Under

You would think that one of the basic rules of being Speaker of the House would be that you don’t bring a bill up for a vote unless you were sure that you had the votes to pass it.

That simple rule seems to have escaped John Boehner.

A broad five-year farm bill went down to a surprise defeat in the House on Thursday when Republican conservatives revolted against the legislation, arguing that it would cost too much, while Democrats defected, saying it would not spend enough on their priorities.

The 234 to 195 vote was the latest rebuke to House GOP leaders, who have struggled to muster enough control of the chamber to pass major legislation. The defeat also bodes ill for legislation on the budget and immigration that is expected to be debated in the House this summer and fall. Senators reached an agreement Thursday to increase funding for border security, a deal that increases the likelihood that the immigration bill will be approved with broad support.

So either Mr. Boehner is really bad at his job or the Republicans have no qualms about sabotaging him and his leadership for their own reasons.

Or both.

2 barks and woofs on “Plowed Under

  1. I wish someone would do a search of history books or Wikipedia or whatever to find a Speaker as weak as John Boehner. Those tears are real and should be taken as an indication that he knows it, too.

  2. I tend to think that John Boehner is not malignant enough to suit his party in the house. You can almost see the knives in his back. I have some sympathy for Boehner – but, I might be wrong in my take on him.

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