Friday, June 7, 2013

Short Takes

The N.S.A. went after more than just Verizon.

Israel keeps a wary eye on Syria’s border fighting.

I.R.S. official apologizes for lavish conferences.

Student loan plans go down to defeat in the Senate.

Gov. Christie names N.J. attorney general as interim senator.

R.I.P. Esther Williams, 91, star of MGM water musical spectaculars.

Tropical Update: TS Andrea soaked Florida.  Meanwhile, another disturbance takes shape.

The Tigers beat the Rays

One bark on “Short Takes

  1. The whole IRS conference “scandal” thing is sideshow. Part and parcel of government spending prior to the MMS and GSA scandals. You’ll notice that the conference budget shrank by about 60% after 2010: the only story here is that the IRS learned from the GSA and cut back appropriately.

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