Thursday, June 13, 2013

Short Takes

N.S.A. director says “dozens” of attacks thwarted.

C.I.A. Deputy Director Michael Morell resigns.

Turkish P.M. orders an end to riots in 24 hours.

Wildfires still burn along the Front Range in Colorado.

Severe weather moves across the country and hits the East Coast.

R.I.P. Miller Barber, 82, golf champion.

The Tigers lost in 10 to K.C. 3-2.  (Valverde blew the save.)

One bark on “Short Takes

  1. I’m about to circulate a petition to be sent to Jim Leyland requesting he remove Valverde from the line-up, this time permanently. The last time he did so he explained that it was done to give the man a chance to search his soul and banish any thoughts of inferiority. Now I’m wishing Jose would simply vanish to a cave and meditate on this a long long time. Jim, the time is up for rehabilitation. Kick him out!

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