Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cowardly Lyin’

While everyone’s attention has been focused on the Texas last-stand battle over reproductive rights, the middle-aged white guys in Ohio slipped a string of restrictions on abortion into the state budget bill in Ohio, which was then signed by Gov. John Kasich.

Significant abortion provisions in the budget were not changed. The bill essentially cuts off Planned Parenthood from about $1.4 million in federal family-planning dollars by re-prioritizing who can receive the money.

Under the bill, abortion clinics must have a transfer agreement with a hospital, but they are prohibited from signing one with a public hospital. The bill also requires a doctor to perform an external ultrasound prior to an abortion to search for a heartbeat, and if one is found, the doctor must inform the woman. The doctor also must tell the woman the likelihood of the fetus surviving to a full term, and the bill redefines a fetus as “developing from the moment of conception,” rather than when a fertilized egg has been implanted in the uterus.

The bill also provides funding for crisis pregnancy centers, which supporters say offer women important alternatives to abortion, but critics argue they provide medically inaccurate information.

Say what you will about the white patriarchs in Texas, at least they had the guts to bring their bill out of the shadows and onto the floor of the legislature where it was debated… and debated…. and created a sensation over Wendy Davis.  The cowards in Ohio had to slide it into the state budget where they were hoping that no one would notice them until — hey presto — the governor had already signed them.

That says a lot about the men who make the rules in Ohio.  Why is it that they don’t have the courage of their convictions to stand up and say out loud that they believe that every sperm is sacred and that their goal is to have ultimate control over other peoples’ bodies?  That they believe that they are the only ones who know what’s best for women?  That all this talk about smaller government and more freedom doesn’t apply to pseudoscience and genitalia?  And why don’t they believe that these are topics that are worthy of debate?  Why do they have to sneak it into the state budget by last-minute slight-of-hand?

Because they know that if they did; if they said out loud what they truly believe about who should really be in charge of other peoples’ lives and their choices, they would lose, and lose badly.

HT to Steve Benen.

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  1. My daughter works for PP in Columbus. They are in quite a struggle but will continue to fight to provide reproductive health care to women in our state. I cannot believe that we are fighting this fight again. We did it in the 60’s, and now we do it again. It amazes me that men who never face these issues continue to dictate to women what they should and should not do with their own bodies. Kasich, who used to have a program on Fox News, has got to go. God, I miss Ted Strickland!

    • FYI: Columbus swallowed up our affiliate here in Toledo, Larkie, and took over our foundation’s assets as a way to survive. All PP’s are merging in a business model to hold off the hordes clamoring for their demise. What no one faces is that the cost to government (you and me) will be higher health care costs for women in the form of mopping up after a botched attempt to abort and costs to raise the fruits of an unwanted pregnancy’s results. This, beyond the violation of women’s rights, is what makes all this anti-abortion hoorah so stupid. I thought we’d won this battle years ago. How wrong was I?

      • FC, My daughter has been to Toledo many times. The goal is to make it PP of Ohio, they only have Dayton and Cincinnati to achieve that. The good news is that they have a dynamic woman in charge of the whole thing, that my daughter has tremendous faith in. I, too, never thought that my own daughter would be fighting this battle all over again. She points out that 2% of the work they do is abortions. The rest is birth control, testing for STD’s and HIV, and a variety of other services. I never met a woman (I have worked in social services all my life) who liked the idea of abortion. It is a hard choice that must be made at times. We cannot go backward. We must fight for women once again.

  2. Reminder: Our Whiner of the House – John Boehner – is a product of this same political machine. It makes his [in]ability in his role a bit less mystifying.

  3. If I were still in Ohio, Boehner would be my congressman, yuck! My daughters are struggling in Ohio and I wish them well; My youngest had a cyst on her ovary last winter and she had a heck of a time with getting care. The cyst ruptured on a Tues. night and she was sick for a month. These so called leaders don’t care about people, only lining their pockets.

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