Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dobson: The World Is Ending — Send Money

Dr. James Dobson is on a tear.

On his radio show today, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson discussed the Supreme Court’s marriage equality rulings with Family Research Council president Tony Perkins and Bill Becker, an attorney affiliated with right-wing groups such as the Alliance Defense Fund and the Discovery Institute.

As you could imagine, Dobson was aghast at the decisions, arguing that same-sex marriages “threaten the entire superstructure” of society. “I believe it can come down,” Dobson warned. “This has been devastating. Even if eventually legally we somehow walk it back a bit, I don’t see our ever completely recovering from what has happened here.”

Becker went even further, saying that civilization crumbled the day the court released its rulings: “We’re talking here about the foundation of civilization and I wrote today that I believe we’ve seen the collapse of Western civilization in one day.”

Neither of these prophets of doom explain exactly why two people making a legal agreement between themselves and sanctioned by a local municipality will cause the collapse of civilization — any more than wearing white after Labor Day will have the same effect.  I suppose it has something to with incurring the wrath of some mythological creature.

It goes without saying that Dr. Dobson will now use the Supreme Court ruling to raise a shitload of money from his gullible minions to fight a battle that is now ended.  A lot of grifters and scammers will now send pleas to the in-boxes of crazy uncles and Foxbots.

It makes me think that these sniveling homophobes were quietly hoping for the Court to rule the way it did.  In fact, I’ll bet they were hoping that they would strike down Prop 8 and make it nationwide the same way they did with Roe v. Wade in 1973.  That has been a gold mine for the right wing, and this is another guaranteed money-maker.

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  1. I do wish these people would read the Gospels they claim to revere. Number of references He made to LGBT people? 0.

    Get over it, wingnuts.

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