Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Insured by Smith & Wesson?

This is hilarious.

As more schools consider arming their employees, some districts are encountering a daunting economic hurdle: insurance carriers threatening to raise their premiums or revoke coverage entirely.

During legislative sessions this year, seven states enacted laws permitting teachers or administrators to carry guns in schools. Three of the measures — in Kansas, South Dakota and Tennessee — took effect last week.

But already, EMC Insurance Companies, the liability insurance provider for about 90 percent of Kansas school districts, has sent a letter to its agents saying that schools permitting employees to carry concealed handguns would be declined coverage.

“We are making this underwriting decision simply to protect the financial security of our company,” the letter said.

This is what happens when one core right-wing ideology — the 2nd Amendment above all else — runs head-on into another core right-wing ideology — the free market.  Whamo.

Let’s see the NRA try to blame this one on the anti-gun hippie peacenicks that are rife throughout the insurance business.

One bark on “Insured by Smith & Wesson?

  1. It seems that the larger you try to grow your party, the more of those “strange bedfellow” alliances you need to create. The pro-business and pro-2ndAmendment crowds don’t seem to me to share a whole lot of Venn diagram space.

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