Monday, July 29, 2013

No Vodka Here

Because of the new laws in Russia against what they call “gay propaganda,” a lot of people — gay and otherwise — are boycotting Russian vodka.

Since I haven’t had a drink of anything resembling an alcoholic beverage since October 1992, I guess I’m in on it by default.

3 barks and woofs on “No Vodka Here

  1. That’s easy. What isn’t so much is to swear off going to the Olympics (if you were planning to and had the money) or supporting the participants or watching it on the tube. I think I can do the first two and probably the latter.

  2. This gets tricky. Stoli’s owners, for example, have been pretty LGBT-friendly. If we boycott them now that could send as bad a message to them as it will an important one to the Kremlin: the Kremlin’s message can wait (bad news will refuse to leave), but if we injure an ally now that doesn’t help us much. Or are we worried about the taxes they pay, and not the operating expenses (and of course profit) that being LGBT-friendly can pay? Stoli changes hands next year: waiting until Jan for them is at least worth discussing.

    Coors I understand. Red Stripe I understand. Vodka gets awkward, in that we have baby-and-bathwater situations, and some of the producers are being pretty good to us, and saying so publicly (not easy to do in Russia these days).

    I bought my last bottle of vodka about 2 years ago, so even if I do join in it’s unlikely to mean much.

  3. Vodka and I do not get along. One’s too many, two the most, three under the table and four under the host. If I do my rendition of James Bond acting as Super Man, that is what vodka does to me; so my boycott is final.

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