Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Question of the Day

Paper or plastic?  No, not that kind…

How many credit cards do you have?

I was reviewing my annual credit report (the real free one, not the “free” one advertised on TV with the annoying ads) and I was amazed at how many cards I’ve had in my life.  Fortunately most of them are closed and cut up, and I’m down to just two.

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    • Check cards don’t count: banks are issuing those for any consumer account these days unless demanded otherwise (and just try saying “no” to them).

  1. Three in use today, I don’t know how many I’ve had over the years. One card is for emergency (Plane Ticket, Major Car Work, etc), one is from a home improvement place that gives my 12 months no interest, and the last one is a store card. I do not pay interest on any of ’em, since I pay them off ASAP (except for the home improvement one, since I do have the 12 month grace period – but I still try to pay that one off quickly too).

  2. I take the Fifth on this . . . Fifth/Third actually which is the name of my bank and I carry their “major” card. I also have an AMEX card which has no limit and which I pay before the due date so there’s no interest. Citicards won’t leave us alone and I can see how people get into big trouble. I shred every letter that comes from them offering – well you know, FREE! stuff.

  3. So far as I know, I have one active card for some work I had done on my 15 yr. old Dodge pick-up. I just paid off my long running card of over 20 yrs. It is not active. I use a debit card or pay cash. Making reservations on the debit card in Houston today;going back to the cancer hospital tomorrow.

  4. Four: Amex, a personal and a business card, and a Nordstrom card that someone I love won’t let go. Every one paid in full each month.

    • Uh oh – I forgot about Dillards and Macy’s. But it’s been a long time since I used either. It’s almost like paying cash because when the bill comes in the check goes in the mail. I’m being a gooooood girl.

  5. Zero. Ten years’ worth of semi-employment took care of my ability to manage balances, so I closed everything I had. Max I was carrying was four: Barclays (UK) Visa, Citi MC, Sears (a REALLY hard card to get when I first opened the account) and Emporium.

  6. Paid off and closed all of them over the past couple of years. When you’re on a fixed income, paying interest isn’t in one’s best interest. My bank debit card works for all purchases and there’s no interest, of course.

  7. Two ex-wives and five years of unemployment….

    Yup, zero. Not even a debit card (try getting one strictly for ATM use, Boatboy).

    Finally broke down and got a prepaid Visa with $500 on it for dire emergencies. Monthly fees suck, but I just add enough to keep it at $500. Put an occasional tank of gas on it.

    • The good old-fashioned ATM card has gone the way of the dodo. But having a Visa/MC-backed bank card that’s NOT a credit card isn’t the same thing as having a Visa/MC.

      And yes, I’ve tried that too – no dice.

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