Friday, July 12, 2013

Question of the Day

Signed, sealed, delivered.

When was the last time you wrote a letter on paper, put it in an envelope, stamped it, and mailed it?

For me, last week.

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  1. I honestly don’t remember. Thing is, I was never a letter sender to begin with. My lack of memory has nothing to do with the internet and switching to email, texting, and messaging.

  2. When one receives a gift of any sort,even a favor,the polite response according to Judith Martin is to sit down with pen and paper and write a note of thanks. Email doesn’t do it. But I confess I use it most of the time. But that’s better than what I’ve received from some which is just about nada.

    That said I can say that I wrote a note the other day and attached it to a birthday card. It was pretty funny and I hope the recipient got a laugh along with the check.

  3. Wrote yesterday and mailed today – IF you count a personal letter composed and printed on a laser printer and then signed. If your criteria required the actual letter itself to be hand written… Oh! Today again! I sent a small package to an associate and included a hand written note explaining the contents. So there!

  4. Probably 20 years ago, I sent regular Aerogrammes to my musician friends (a “young” couple, then in their 30s, one American, one British) living in Amsterdam. They’re still in Amsterdam, but they’ve long since gotten email accounts, and I wouldn’t want to think the NSA was missing out on anything just because I transmitted it on mere paper…

  5. I mailed a short letter of sympathy and memories on Tuesday of this week. Gifts, deaths, marriages, and births deserve a handwritten note. I suppose that’s an opinion carved by custom, upbringing, and age. 🙂

    • I agree. Many life events do call for a handwritten note. Writing a note shows courtesy, thoughtfulness, and caring.

  6. On Mon., I wrote a note to accompany a newspaper article that I was sending to a friend. She doesn’t have a computer.

  7. Just like snail mail, I respond to the post a few days later…

    Non-writer people don’t realize how beautiful their letters can be. They say that they hate to write a letter, they apologize about “sp?” and add smiley faces in gaps, etc. But they also express something in a letter that they express no other way, and I’ve always cherished those gems.

    One of the biggest changes in my lifetime was the giving up of letters — receiving them, I mean. I still write, stamp and mail a letter to someone or other about once a month simply because I’m a scribbler and we still have a P.O. But these letters do not fish for replies.

    Have you seen the “Letters of Note” website? It’s great:

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