Thursday, July 18, 2013

Question of the Day

Another good one from Julie: “The mosquitoes up here in MN are a ravening horde. I look like I have a terminal case of measles. This came to mind:

What is the worst animal/insect/reptile bite you’ve had?

I once played golf on a course near Hilton Head that had apparently been built on top of a swamp.  It was infested with gnats and I was wearing shorts.  No amount of Off! could fend them off and I bore the scars of those bites for weeks.

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  1. To me, the worst by far is the Western Cone Nosed bug. Here in S.W New Mexico the season is just ending. In the tropics they vector chagas disease.

  2. Interestingly enough I was watching tv in my house with my hands behind my head when I felt a sting on the underside of my left arm. I never saw what it was, but by the next day it looked like I had a bruise all across the underside of my arm.

    The only other incident was when I was stung by a bee at the age of 3 or 4 at my grandfather’s house up by Underwood, MN. I was sitting at the table for breakfast, leaned back and felt a sting. I remember standing up and looking at the back of the chair to see the bee still sitting there.

  3. Fire ants – I was mowing my lawn and disturbed a fire ant hill. I had shoes and socks on so I didn’t notice until they were swarming over and biting my lower legs. I jumped in the pool to wash them off, but it was very painful for quite a while. This is one aggressive insect.

  4. I am more the poison ivy victim than bugs. However, when I was moving to Tx. some dozen yrs. ago, the boss and I went looking at real estate. And like the fellow above I had this stinging going on my ankle and had to take off my shoe an sock to find this fire and just chewing away; those rascals do hurt. The mosquitos down here can carry you away; for some reason they like my ankles.

  5. Some years ago I was crawling around under a stage doing some modifications and got bit on the leg by a brown recluse spider. Didn’t realize it at the time, it only presented itself by the next day. Started out looking like a pimple, but got bigger and deeper over time. By about day 5 I had an open sore on my leg the size of a silver dollar. But, as Monty Python says, “I got better”.

  6. Black flies or horse flies, whatever genus hangs around the streams in Michigan. They get you and hang on. You have to kill them personally to have them let go. No Off will do it.

    By the way, Julie: I read a fascinating piece in Tuesday’s Science edition of the NYT. It seems the mosquito that wants your blood is the female (figures) and she’s a weak flier. If you position a circulating fan, just your ordinary household electric fan, near where you’re grilling outside – if you have an electric outlet nearby – or in the bedroom the air flow will disrupt the ability of the female mosquito to get to her target. Check out the article. I’m convinced the ceiling fan and the little floor fan in our upstairs bedrooms effectively take the place of screens on the windows.

    • Yes, FC, I saw that article. Unfortunately, there’s no way to do gardening/lawn care and have a fan blowing. Windy days are helpful, though.

  7. In Basic Training waaay back in 1974, at a graduation parade, I got planted atop a fire ant mound.
    My ankles looked like hamburger and I was sure that was the worst. Then a few years ago here, I got BARELY nicked by a hobo spider that I promptly smashed. My wrist turned purple black with a strange dead-white center and I was sick for over a month. I am in no need of any sort of surpassing experience, thanks.

  8. Last month, I woke up one morning with a very sore red bump on the nape of my neck, right in the hairline. It became redder, bigger, and more sore over several days. About a week later, I was looking under the bed and here was a dead wasp! Mystery solved.

    Another bad bite was years ago when my cat chomped on my left forearm, just missing the tendons. It was totally my fault. She was trying to look out the front door and yell at the neighbor’s cat who was on the porch. In an attempt to help her, I tried to lift her up to see better. Of course, she thought she was being attacked from behind and clamped down on my arm. Had to go to the doctor to get antibiotics because cats and dogs have nasty mouth bacteria.

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