Monday, July 22, 2013

Question of the Day

I think I’ve asked this before, but it’s always a good one:

What movie did you see the first time you went to a theatre?

My siblings tell me it was either “Lady and the Tramp” or “Bambi,” but I don’t remember those in particular.  The one I do remember — and it scared the crap out of me — was “Darby O’Gill and the Little People.”

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  1. I think it was “Little Miss Marker” or maybe “The Littlest Rebel”. Check the dates, I can’t remember which Shirley Temple block buster it was, but I remember the movie house… a neighborhood one where I was taken by our nanny. Flickering images and the smell of popcorn.

  2. My mother wanted to see Indiscreet but apparently couldn’t find a babysitter so she took me with her! I don’t remember the movie.

  3. I had to think about this one! At first I thought it might be the Disney re-make “Emil and the Detectives” which I see came out in 1964. That was a pretty cool movie for a kid. I would have been six or seven at that time.

    But, after some more interwebs searching, I think that the first movie I actually remember seeing at a theater was “A Boy Ten Feet Tall” (AKA “Sammy Goes South”) from 1963. I distinctly remember that Edward G. Robinson was in it. I wouldn’t mind watching that movie again after fifty years to compare notes with my six year old self.

  4. The first movie I remember seeing on the big screen was Jungle Book – the folks were big on Disney when I was little. That, however, was at the drive-in.

    The first movie I remember seeing in an actual theatre was Jedi SW:Ep6:ROTJ for those who keep track of the minutae. I know it wasn’t the first that I saw in the theatre, but that’s the first one that actually stuck in my head.

    Part of the problem was that the folks wanted to keep up on what the young’un saw; and part of it was their misunderstanding of the ratings scheme. I was 16 before I could adequately explain to the Parental Units that “PG” meant “Parental Guidance Suggested” (as in optional) – not that an adult had to accompany anyone underage to see the film.

  5. I want to say it was The Snow Queen; it was animated and I went with the neighbor kids. It was great to get away from my so called mother; no stress. However, I went with my aunt Ruth to see a black and white and I was too young to know what it was, it was heavy drama so as a young boy, I wasn’t interested.

  6. It would have been in the mid-forties and was either Wizard of Oz or Snow White. Even then I rooted for the witches.

  7. It might have been Bambi…but I also seem to recall something with Shirley Temple and the whole blue/pink ballgown thing from Cinderella; no idea which one was the first.

    • I suppose some of it comes from at least a few of us being performers/directors/writers: exposure to the performing arts is something fairly close to consciousness a good deal of the time.

      I can remember when I first laid hands on a computer keyboard, too, though I didn’t think at the time that it might lead to a career, either.

    • We probably dragged you along to some Disney fare at the Rivoli or the Maumee. I distinctly remember you being fascinated with “Babes In Toyland,” the one from Disney in the early 1960’s with Annette Funicello.

  8. “Fantasia” was my first, and I gotta say, I really followed up on that one. 🙂 Trips to the theater were few and far between in my family; we went to Grandma’s house and watched movies on TV instead, because one price ($0) covered everyone.

  9. It was 1959. I was 5 years old.
    My father took me to see The Three Stooges in Have Rocket-Will Travel at the old(and sadly gone)Meserole Theater in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn.
    What makes it so memorable, aside from me and my dad loving every minute of it, was that The Stooges made a live appearance and did a bit of a space age vaudevile act.

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