Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Question of the Day

Things that go bump in the night?

What were you afraid of when you were a little kid?

I remember being afraid of lightning and thunder until my mom took me out onto the front porch during a storm, hugged me, and said that it was just nature at work.  Still working on the big-bugs issue, although life in south Florida has reduced them to an annoyance rather than stark fear.

9 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. The Boogie-Man. Someone threatened me with him and I believed he was hiding somewhere – closet or around a dark corner. Bwwwwaaaaa…

  2. Off all the strange things I was afraid to sleep with my hands outside the covers because I believed someone would take them to make soup. I’m completely serious.

    • I’ll bet someone in your family, maybe a grandmother, made chicken soup using the bones and wings of a couple of roasters. You translated that into kids fingers, or they/she teased you when you got in her way. It continued to haunt you, poor baby.

  3. My mother, I never knew what hell she would put me through. I gave her a wide birth and I never asked her for anything; I did my chores and ducked for cover.

  4. Spiders (still hate them) and of all the odd things, earthquakes. I say “odd” because I grew up in New Jersey, which is sort of like worrying about hurricanes in Nebraska, but there you are. Had nightmares about them regularly.

  5. As Mike said, “my mother”. She would come home from work (head nurse in surgery), grab the wooden yardstick from the closet and come after me. It was her way of coping with anger and frustration. I was always fearful and anxious as her arrival drew near. Never knew what kind of mood she’d be in. It’s no wonder I haven’t trusted people most of my life.

  6. Julie and Mike, I only know you through this medium, but my heart aches for you. My mother was a character, but not like that.

    When I was real little we lived in South Dakota. Native Americans would come to town, sometimes wrapped in blankets. (I was little and didn’t realize they had no coats.) I was just terrified of them. To this day, if I am watching a movie where Indians attack the white guys, I cannot watch it. Weird, I know. They had and still do have a hard life. I understand that now.

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