Thursday, July 25, 2013

Question of the Day


What is your most comfortable piece of furniture?

Other than my bed, it’s a Queen Anne-style wingback chair — one of a matching set — that is also a recliner, but it doesn’t look like one of those monster La-Z-Boys.  From it I watch TV, do the crossword, eat a snack, and take a lot of naps.

5 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. A chair where I can put my feet up and read. We have a couple of places with a table in front of the chair or couch near enough to lounge. I grab a pillow, put it on top of the pile of magazines on the table, put my feet up, maybe stuff another pillow beside me under an elbow, open at the bookmark and settle in.

  2. We have a pair of LazyBoys that look like Stickley chairs. Unbelievably comfortable… and pretty. Yay.

  3. My recliner, I have the laptop now on my lap typing this. If anything else in the house were more comfortable, I would be using it.

  4. Most comfortable is one of the two blue loungers in the den. Most prized is my Louis XV style escritoire…the kind of desk that you can sit at and contemplate raising the peasants’ taxes.

  5. The couch. It’s the one my mother bought in the late ’40’s-early 50’s. It’s a 2 piece sectional with back and arm rests just the right height for someone who’s 5′ 1′. It’s the perfect length for napping too.

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