Friday, July 26, 2013

Question of the Day

Get out your handkerchiefs.

What movie makes you cry?

Aside from the usual suspects — Old Yeller, of course — I have a tough time getting through the end of Field of Dreams.  Seriously.

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  1. An Affair to Remember. I have seen this movie a gazillion times on TV and the tape I have of the movie. Every time I see it, I cry like the first time I saw the movie.

  2. You all know how John Boehner cries at the drop of a hat…so do I. I stay out of funerals and sad movies and keep my eyes covered if possible. Love Story is a tear jerker; but there are so many more. Schindler’s List is another.

  3. The days of Wine and Roses always gets me. Lee Remick’s hopeless descent into alcoholism, and what t does to her family, is just heartbreaking.

  4. I’m another big crier. I cry at the slightest provocation. I cry at weddings AND funerals. I cry at happy and sad endings.

    I can’t bear to watch the last few minutes of Field of Dreams. Having lost both parents at a fairly early age, it feels like a punch in the chest when his dad shows up to “have a catch.” I don’t think my husband has ever noticed that I always leave the room right before it ends!

    I cry every time Tom Hanks takes Meg Ryan’s hand at the end of Sleepless In Seattle. It’s magic!

    My all time favorite is Goodbye, Mr. Chips, the 1939 version with Robert Donat and Greer Garson. As the old school master lies on his deathbed he hears his friends talking sadly about him. He responds, “I thought you said it was a pity, a pity I never had children. But you’re wrong. I have! Thousands of them, thousands of them–and all boys.” And then the montage of all the boys through the years, and the final close up of the recurring Colley boy, “Goodbye, Goodbye Mr. Chips!” Gets me every time.

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