Monday, July 29, 2013

Question of the Day

Via the FC, I learned that each week she and my dad get a Sunday paper’s worth of ads and fliers that end up in the trash.  I get them in the mail and most of them go straight from the mailbox to the recycling tub.  What about you?

Do you use the ads or coupons that come in the mail for shopping?

I rarely do because I’m not in the market for 200 lbs. of birdseed or 2-for-1 sale on diapers.  I usually grab the coupon flier in the rack at the store, though.


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  1. Correction: we put junk mail and Sunday ads w/coupons in the recycle blue box for pick-up on Tuesday. We need only one trash barrel now that we do the Green Thing and recycle cardboard at the town collection drop-off and the paper-bottle-plastic bag junk in the weekly collection. Good doggies….

  2. Nope. Most of it is for stuff I don’t want, need, or use. What a waste of paper. I get a coupon book from my grocery store that I do use though.

  3. Very rarely, since most of what the coupons are hawking is crap I don’t use. Now and then I use general coupons from stores that give money of ANY purchase, but that is about it.

  4. I tend to get a second batch of coupons in my wednesday mail with the new grocery ads, usually the P&G 25¢ ones. Since my store rounds all coupons up to $1, I tend to cut a couple out.

  5. I have found very few coupons for stuff that I buy but, as the eternal optimist, I still look through them in hopes of finding some. Never happens though.

  6. Yes, I use them all the time for products I buy regularly and occasionally I end up trying something new because of a coupon. Between coupons, in-store bargains and by-one-get-one deals I save about $10 to $15 a week.

  7. A coupon flyer gets my heart beating!! I used to be a casual user, but since the start of this year I have evolved into using them on every trip. I even have a coupon binder, which I spend less than an hour each Sunday afternoon updating. I make one big shopping trip on Wednesdays, going to no more than one or two grocery stores if they’ve got good sales, because that’s when you get the additional 5% senior citizen discount!

    I’m really not one of those crazy extreme coupon people, but it does help. I still buy the same stuff we’ve always used, but try to take bigger and better advantage of sales combined with coupons. Especially things like deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, I often get them for free. I always bring along the binder cause you never know what you might find!

    Limiting my shopping to once a week helps me plan and helps save, too. Every little trip to the store costs time and money! Since I’m retired, I look at it mostly as a fun game, and way to make our money stretch a bit further.

    • Since you’re retired you find it fun? I too am retired and I hate going to the store; it simply tests my patience and my sugar level. Good luck to you enjoying the trip to the grocery; for me I would rather take a beating.

      • Well, I’ve gotta go to the store anyway, so might as well try to enjoy it. It’s a non-contact competitive sport, and the winner can afford a pedicure!

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