Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Question of the Day

Another one of Julie’s suggestions:

What outdoor games did you play when you were a kid?

Up in Michigan in the summer we used to have a massive game of Capture the Flag in the park.  Since it didn’t get really dark until around ten o’clock in July, the game would go on for hours.

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  1. Kick the can. We’d play after dark, and be hiding in the yards of neighbors up and down the street. I suppose nowadays one of us would have gotten shot by a paranoid gunslinger

  2. Tag, hide and seek, HORSE, badminton, croquet. Where I live now, you couldn’t play any of those games without having a heat stroke.

  3. Hide and seek, basketball, badminton. There was “war,” a loose mash-up of combat movies and cowboys and Indians, involving a lot of running, hiding and ambushing. We rode our bikes everywhere, no one cared where we went as long as we were back for dinner. And we put on a lot of neighborhood “shows” which many parents actually came and watched.

  4. Wow, I hadn’t thought about these games in a LONG time! Jump-rope (with songs), light pole/street post climbing races, kickball, “Red Light, Green Light, 1,2,3”, “Mother May I”, HORSE, many variations on “tag”, and a counting game played with a pinkie ball bounced against a wall (I think we called it “SPUD”). And, oh yeah, potsy (hopscotch). We loved making long spiral potsies. I can smell the fresh chalk!

    • Oh gosh, I’d forgotten about Red Light, Green Light, we played that a lot. And Red Rover too, though you had to have a pretty good size group to link arms properly and withstand the runner. Amazingly, we played Red Rover at school a lot, and dodge ball. The object of both games seemed to be to inflict maximum injury on your fellow game players. I don’t imagine they play them on the school yard these days!

  5. Jacks like mad and jump rope. When we were about six and eight my sister and I made a pretend house under the drooping branches of a group of three little evergreen trees in the park next to our house. We also played Buck Rogers and Dale. I was Buck, she always got the ingenue part. In elementary school I collected trading cards and had an extensive file of “flowers”, “scenes”, movie stars (really valuable)and “cats and dogs”. The other girls and I learned about capitalism and the value of rarity. When I got older my mother made me take tennis lessons and swimming lessons and ballet lessons. She thought if she kept me busy I’d keep out of her hair, I suppose.

  6. Besides jump rope, jacks, hopscotch, cowboys & Indians, trike races, and playing with dolls, we spent a lot of time at The Creek (always capitalized), This was a small stream that ran behind one of the kid’s house. It was a treasure trove of ideas for fun. Catching minnows with our hands, building little dams, making boats out of leaves, mud pies, wading, and so on. If you didn’t know where your kid was, always check The Creek.

    And, one day, I talked the gang into “painting” a neighbor’s garage with her newly-ripened tomatoes!

  7. We played one game that I am pretty sure is unique. It was called “kick the rear” and entailed one person walking a prescribed circle around a swing at a steady pace and another person on the swing. The person on the swing’s job was to kick the walker in the rear. Penalties were given to walkers who illegally sped up or slowed down in order to avoid a kick in the rear. We were clearly bored…

  8. Kickball was one we played at Thousand Oaks Elementary in Berkeley. About fifteen years ago we had a class reunion. Since then the yard had been paved, but that didn’t stop them. They played Kickball once again, with 45 year old men sliding into base on ASPHALT?? That was too much for me. I didn’t play.

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