Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Scare Tactics

The House Republicans are planning to scare the crap out of Americans about Obamacare.

The August House Republican Conference planning kit, titled “Fighting Washington for All Americans,” offers a rare glimpse into the constituent outreach efforts of the GOP. Those efforts, it turns out, are highly calculated, hashtag-heavy and rife with references to the video app Vine.

The best way to stay in Washington appears to be to deride Washington, and Republican leadership isn’t going to deviate from that familiar formula.

That would be a really cool plan were it not for the inconvenient fact that the Republicans are the majority party in the House and they’re the ones who are doing things like trying to repeal Obamacare every time John Boehner farts.

Steve Benen: but wait, there’s more:

Among the other tidbits:

* The House Republican Conference is apparently preoccupied with Vine, a social-media tool that allows users to create and easily share six-second videos. Good luck, House GOP, on solving your problems six seconds at a time.

* Members are being encouraged to publish op-eds in local media on the IRS “scandal.” That there is no IRS “scandal,” and all of the allegations Republicans raised have been discredited, has apparently been deemed irrelevant.

* According to the Roll Call piece, the Conference “suggests planting questions” at local events “to get the conversation rolling in the right direction.”

* And House Republicans are encouraged to go on an “Energy Production Facility Tour” during the recess. Members, of course, have been told to “wear a hard hat” and — you guessed it — put this and other events on Vine.

What could possibly go wrong?

It sounds like the GOP realizes that Obamacare is really going to work and that scares the crap out of them.

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