Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sneak Attack

If you have to slip draconian restrictions on reproductive rights into a bill regulating motorcycle safety in North Carolina, you know you’re doing something sneaky and wrong.

As originally written, SB 353 is a motorcycle safety act that would increase fines and penalties for drivers who endanger motorcyclists on the road. The bill had remained dormant for much of the legislative session until Judiciary Subcommittee B was informed it would be on the calendar Wednesday morning. Not all of the committee members were informed prior to the meeting that the bill had been amended to add modified versions of abortion restrictions that were inserted earlier this month into HB 695.

“New abortion bill being heard in the committee I am on,” tweeted state Rep. Joe Sam Queen (D-Haywood). “The public didn’t know. I didn’t even know.”

“I wish I had more time to look at this new bill before I had to ask questions about it or debate it,” he added later.

That’s why all those people who campaigned so stridently for “life” and who marched on Washington on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and shed all those crocodile tears about the failure of “personhood” being granted to microscopic clumps of cells haven’t got the courage to try to pass the bills without having to resort to slight of hand tactics.  They know they’re on the wrong side of the law and the majority of voters.