Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vacation Daze

It will be August in a couple of days and that means that some people will be taking a little time off for vacation (hint, hint).  That includes President Obama, who will head for Martha’s Vineyard.  And, as Steve Benen reminds us, that’s time to cue up the right wingers who will complain about how lazy this president is with all his time off.  “Does this guy ever work?”

Yeah, he’s a real slacker when it comes to vacation time.  He’s way far behind the last Republican president.

Obama has taken far less time away from the White House than his predecessor, George W. Bush, who spent weeks at a time at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Obama has taken 87 days off, compared with 399 days for Bush at a similar period in his presidency, according to CBS News’s Mark Knoller, who keeps detailed records of presidential travel.

Enjoy the time off, Mr. President.


Martha’s Vineyard