Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Via the Washington Post:

The U.S. military has erected a 64,000-square-foot headquarters building on the dusty moonscape of southwestern Afghanistan that comes with all the tools to wage a modern war. A vast operations center with tiered seating. A briefing theater. Spacious offices. Fancy chairs. Powerful air conditioning.

Everything, that is, except troops.

The windowless, two-story structure, which is larger than a football field, was completed this year at a cost of $34 million. But the military has no plans to ever use it.

But student loan rates have to go up, the sequester knocked billions out of federal grants to public schools, and they’re furloughing teachers because, you know, we’re broke.

3 barks and woofs on “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. It kept a lot of contractors busy earning their overpriced services. This is such a familiar story when the army or navy get involved in spending money. It went on in every war back to the Revolutionary one where we bought supplies from suppliers with “connections” and I suppose nothing will stop it. The Lima, Ohio tank plant is still building tanks for a war on the ground with Germany. It was included in a down-sizing program not many years ago, but Ohio congressman and even I fear the sainted and fearless Sherrod Brown, our Senior Senator, voted to keep it going. Whatcha gonna do?

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