Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little Night Music

From the production I saw this afternoon.

One bark on “A Little Night Music

  1. Oh goodness, another show I adore – and another record I nearly wore out as a teenager! The original Broadway cast, the one with Bea Arthur as the matchmaker. (Years later I would finally see her on TV and recognized that voice immediately!)

    It must be at least 30 years ago that I went to a small downtown Seattle dinner theater and enjoyed a quite respectable production, despite the cramped venue and the added hubbub of dinner being served during the production! Hard to go wrong with such a compelling story and such wonderful music. I remember to this day the wonderful presentation of the “Sabbath Prayer.” The cast seemed to suddenly appear around us in the dining area, lighting the Sabbath candles at the ends of various tables and joining in growing harmony. It was very intimate and affecting.

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