Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Annals of Asshattery

Rep. Ted Yoho (I swear that’s his name) of some part of Florida obviously thinks that our fair state needs its own version of Steve King and Louis Gohmert.

Speaking at a town hall meeting earlier this month, Florida Republican congressman Ted Yoho promised that he would support possible birther legislation floated by Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), telling the crowd that after learning about a potential birther bill from Stockman while attending a Tea Party meeting, he called the congressman and agreed to back it.

While Yoho told the crowd that the issue of President Obama’s birth certificate was a “distraction” from topics like the national debt, he said he was hopeful that a birther investigation could bring down the whole government: “They said if it is true, it’s illegal, he shouldn’t be there and we can get rid of everything he’s done, and I said I agree with that.”

Here’s an amazing scientific fact: Of the millions of little swimmers, he was the strongest and smartest sperm.

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    • Perhaps – but given his district (dead smack in the middle of South Georgia) and his behavior we can call him “Yahoo” even before then…

  1. Yoho might be onto something! If he can get his “birther” bill passed I think it might push Ted Cruz into a corner. ?? 🙂

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