Friday, August 30, 2013

Going It Alone

There’s a very fine line between leadership that boldly goes forward alone and going off half-cocked.

And when one of your staunchest allies decides not to go along with you, you might want to think twice.  And then think again.

4 barks and woofs on “Going It Alone

  1. Not necessarily. You may be morally opposed to using force ever, but you and I don’t know what causes an intelligent man with a legally trained background, a professor of law, to choose this purported path. I’m sure the decision is tearing him apart. I’m willing to withhold judgment.

  2. I sure hope he is going to think twice. Isn’t crap like what Assad pulled why we have things like world courts? Assad could be tried even in absentia….and a judgement rendered. The rush to arms makes me think everyone in America spends too much time watching silly action movies.

  3. I think Assad is a real bad guy. I met a man who was from Syria about 10 years ago. We were chatting about the then American president and I said, “Your president is Assad, right?” He spat out, “He is a dictator.” People have dislike him for a long time.
    What Assad did is just disgusting. Mass murder is a horrible crime. Still, I do not understand why we have to fix it alone. I am war weary. We all are.

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