Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hillaryarity Ensues

Adding to my casual observation yesterday about Republicans freaking out at the mere possibility that Hillary Rodham Clinton might glance at the White House as she walks by, RNC Chair Reince Priebus is warning both CNN and NBC to suspend plans to make TV projects about the former First Lady and Secretary of State or else the party won’t play in their yard.

In both letters, Priebus attempts to paint the Clinton projects as little more than lengthy and free campaign ads. In the letter to Greenblatt, he notes that David Cohen, who is an executive vp at Comcast, NBCUniversal’s parent company, has been a major donor to Clinton and other Democrats. “Your company has expressly stated that your choice to air the miniseries in the near future would avoid concerns of running afoul of equal time election laws,” Priebus writes in his letter to Greenblatt. “This suggests a deliberate attempt at influencing American political opinion in favor of a preferred candidate, not to mention a guilty conscience.”

CNN basically told Mr. Priebus to go jump in the lake.

CNN Films, a division of CNN Worldwide, commissioned a documentary about Hillary Clinton earlier this year. It is expected to premiere in 2014 with a theatrical run prior to airing on CNN. This documentary will be a non-fiction look at the life of a former First Lady and Secretary of State. Instead of making premature decisions about a project that is in the very early stages of development and months from completion, we would encourage the members of the Republican National Committee to reserve judgment until they know more. Should they decide not to participate in debates on CNN, we would find it curious, as limiting their debate participation seems to be the ultimate disservice to voters.

It also means that the RNC and their minions will — again — go after Ms. Clinton hammer and tongs, which, after the last twenty years, should be so old and tired that no one other than the cranks who still claim she murdered Vince Foster will even pay attention.  Yawn.

If there’s any conspiracy going on, it’s far more likely that the Clintons secretly engineered these stories just to get a rise out of the RNC and the nutsery so they’ll go on Fox News and carry on for their amusement.  After all, there’s nothing good on TV in the summer anyway.

HT to ThinkProgress.

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  1. Wasn’t there some similar brouhaha about Primary Colors?

    This Clintonphobia has got to chill sometime – probably about the time Chelsea decides to run for office.

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