Thursday, August 22, 2013

No Third Trimester Facebook

Three bored teens in Oklahoma stand accused of first degree murder of an Australian college baseball player out for a jog.  So of course the Orcosphere wonders why the librul media isn’t going all Trayvon Martin on the accused.  That might be because the three were arrested immediately as opposed to getting a pat on the back by the cops and given their guns back.

It also leads to pop-psych from the wingers who find another reason to blame the decadence of our culture caused by gay married couples demanding abortions on Facebook.

But Fox News contributor Keith Ablow took the narrative even further toward the absurd, during an appearance on the network, suggesting that America’s disrespect for life, third-term abortions, and Facebook pushed the three teens to allegedly kill Lane.

You can mark the decline of western civilization from the moment Murphy Brown became a single mother.

Perhaps their attention might better be directed to a culture that allows teenagers to have access to weapons.  But that would be tyranny.