Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not So Fast

It may take up to eight months for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to actually renounce his Canadian citizenship.

The Lone Star State conservative, who announced Monday that he plans to renounce his dual Canadian citizenship, must “win security clearance from Canada’s spy agency, fill in a four-page form and then wait up to eight months to sever his ties to America’s northern neighbor,” Reuters reported Tuesday.

Other than the schadenfreude of watching the right wing in the uncomfortable position of fending off the birthers, there’s not much more to this story than wondering why it’s all of a sudden so important for the senator to do this now.  After all, it didn’t take that long for folks to figure out that as well as being an American citizen based on the law, he had citizenship in Canada.  It’s not like there’s a rule against him running for president if he has dual citizenship.  And, as Josh Marshall points out, he could be an inspiration to a lot of Americans who come from different backgrounds or are immigrants.

Other than the fact that he’s adamantly opposed to any kind of immigration reform that doesn’t include East Berlin-style walls and boxcars for deportation, he could have been the lamp beside the golden door.

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  1. Shorter Canada: Mr. Cruz, we’ll let you have your Tea-Spilling Blood-Drinking – oh, right that’s Tea-DRINKING, Blood-SPILLING (silly us, how could we forget?) Real Patriotic Ahmurrcanism – but you’ll have to work for it just a little.

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