Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Notes From All Over

Catching up on what’s going on down there while I’m up here…

Via Hullabaloo, Lindsey Graham gets a challenger:

Believing it to be “God’s will,” South Carolina State Sen. Lee Bright (R) announced Tuesday that he will a 2014 primary challenge to U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R). Over four years in the State Senate, Bright has taken a number of out-of-the-mainstream positions on a wide array of issues, aligned himself with the anti-government William Wallace Caucus, and served as state campaign chair for the presidential campaign of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). Bright also is on the board of a right-wing seminary that believes women should be subservient to men, both in the church and in the home.

Irony meets Darwin Award nominee:

LANCASTER, Ohio — A firearms instructor accidentally shot a student while teaching a gun-safety class on Saturday in Fairfield County to people seeking permits to carry concealed weapons.

Terry J. Dunlap, Sr., who runs a shooting range and training center near Lancaster, was demonstrating a handgun when he fired a .38-caliber bullet that ricocheted off a desk and into student Michael Piemonte’s right arm.

Mr. Dunlap, 73, also is a long-time Violet Township trustee who is running for re-election in November.

Mr. Piemonte said he feels lucky and it could have been worse.

He and his wife, Allison, both 26 and residents of Pataskala in Licking County, attended the daylong concealed-carry class together.

“My wife was sitting just inches away from me,” he said. “It could have easily hit her.”

Mr. Dunlap apparently didn’t know that the gun was loaded, Mr. Piemonte said.

Town hall meetings are suddenly not so popular with the GOP:

Though Republicans in recent years have harnessed the political power of these open mic, face-the-music sessions, people from both parties say they are noticing a decline in the number of meetings. They also say they are seeing Congressional offices go to greater lengths to conceal when and where the meetings take place.

“The whole thing is very anti-democratic, and it’s classic behavior of entrenched insiders,” said Matt Kibbe, the president of FreedomWorks, a Tea Party group that in 2009 helped send legions of demonstrators to town halls. Now, it is trying to draw out seemingly reluctant members by staging public events like mock meet-your-lawmaker meetings with empty chairs. “We’ve lost that Rockwell image of citizen participation in democracy.”

With memories of those angry protests still vivid, it seems that one of the unintended consequences of a movement that thrived on such open, often confrontational interactions with lawmakers is that there are fewer members of Congress now willing to face their constituents.

Tears of a clown:

The Missouri State Fair has banned a rodeo clown who this past weekend donned a President Obama mask, and asked a crowd if they wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull.”

Officials said the clown will never perform at the fair again, the Associated Press reported.

Organizers are also reviewing whether to take any actions against the contractor responsible for Saturday’s rodeo.

As Steve M notes, rodeo-clown stupidity cuts both ways.  But it’s still stupid.

So it looks like not much has changed while I’ve been away.  Carry on.

One bark on “Notes From All Over

  1. [P]eople from both parties say… they are seeing Congressional offices go to greater lengths to conceal when and where the meetings take place.

    I can’t tell whether this means pols are hiding from the rabid base (demanding the Rightward dash become a sprint) and/or the anticipated massive backlash (clamoring to bring that Rightward dash to an abrupt halt), or simply closing the meetings to anyone not a billionaire campaign financier – um, “job creator.”

    Lindsey Graham gets a challenger

    Did anyone really expect that a) this would NOT happen, or b) that the challenger wouldn’t be a wingnut?

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