Thursday, August 22, 2013

Now What Do We Do?

Back in June when it was first suggested that the government of Syria was using chemical warfare, the Obama administration said that was the “red line;” now we would consider intervening somehow.

That didn’t happen other than a lot of air got moved, so to speak, to rally other countries to do something.

Now there is horrific evidence that the Syrian government forces used chemical weapons even as U.N. inspectors were in the country.

So now what?  Do we send troops?  Do we send support to the rebels?  Which ones?  Do we come up with some international coalition and send in a combined force?  Drones?

I seriously want to know.  What are our options?

3 barks and woofs on “Now What Do We Do?

  1. I say we hire mercenaries and put a bounty on Assad of about $25 million. After we topple the regime we look to Egypt for guidance.

    • Dollars to doughnuts Blackwater and Custer Battles would be the low bidders there – at least when the contract is approved…

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