Monday, August 5, 2013

Question of the Day

Have a sip…

What’s your favorite summertime beverage?

I’ve sworn off all carbonated and alcoholic beverages, so it’s ice-cold water with a slice of citrus.  But my mom used to make a great iced tea with fresh mint from the garden.  (Here’s hoping she still has the recipe…)

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  1. With HFCS on my do-not-consume list, most of the mass-produced stuff is off limits for me as well, though I’m still carbonated and caffeinated. Non-US-produced Coca-Cola is still up there (Costco stocks the Mexican stuff, and the European varieties are very good), which generally uses either cane sugar or an actual frucose source. Recent discoveries include Dominion root beer: MUCH better than the big names, a local product here, and includes honey in the ingredients (all pluses).

  2. I forgot about that old recipe for iced tea. It came from your paternal grandmother and I used to make a big jug of it at a time since it was a bit time consuming. In the meantime, your father has settled on an Arnold Palmer make with bottled (perish the thought!) unsweetened iced tea on ice with a big splash of Newman’s Own Lemonade.

    Since we don’t drink alcohol before sunset when the bar opens to Dalmore single malt, Appleton’s Estate or Gordon’s gin I usually have a glass of diet, non-caffeinated Coke with a squeeze of lime with my cottage cheese at noon.

  3. Oh, I couldn’t pick just one! The most consumed is like yours…water with a bit of citrus. But I love red rooiboos iced tea (can’t have the real stuff anymore) and I like lemonade with a wee dram of Jack Daniels with Honey.

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