Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Question of the Day

In light of Jeff Bezo’s purchase of the Washington Post

Do you get home delivery of a newspaper?

Me: I get the Sunday New York Times.

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  1. I have W/F/Sa/Su delivery of the local paper. Due to the increase in rates and the reduction of perceived value, I’ll be stopping service this month. I get most my news from the net anyway. Since the paper has been merely useful for grocery ads on W ans coupons on Su, and the content has been less ans less relevant over the years, I don’t have any regret.

  2. NYT is on the Nook. Daily. Makes commuting less tedious.

    I did get the WaPo and Boston Globe, but didn’t get enough time to read it all.

  3. No delivery of any paper. I read the obits back home and read on line and watch the local and international news. I am more interested in the weather forecast than anything else; we’re supposed to be at the century mark today. It is really hot here right now.

  4. We get the Blade and the NY Times all the time. We devote a couple of hours in the morning with breakfast sipping coffee and reading. It’s my favorite time of the day. You can do this when you’ve retired and can put off being busy.

    I’ve also bookmarked a bunch of papers on line, but I only scan them: the Detroit Free Press, the WaPo, the Guardian, Al Jazeera (not a paper, I know) and some political weeklies. I’ll be interested to see what Bezos does with the Post. Its downfall saddens me even though I stopped taking it years ago when I realized it was turning more and more conservative and the attempt to make it a national brand failed.

  5. I subscribe to the local paper (Post-Bulletin). The print edition is much better than their on-line version. Also, newspaper is handy for baking (protects the table when cooling cookies) and for wrapping things.

  6. Sunday Seattle Times. I buy the daily paper about half the time. If it were printed in a tabloid format I might take it daily–it would be easier to read it when I commute by bus.

  7. No. I subscribed to the daily and Sunday Houston Chronicle for several decades. Then their ownership endorsed GeeDubya Bush over the apparent objection of their editorial board, and in response I, like many Houstonians, dropped my subscription. By now, the newspaper is smaller than the typical tabloid, and there’s no way I’d re-up for a subscription.

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