Thursday, August 8, 2013

Question of the Day

Body of work:

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

Me: No holes or markings that nature didn’t put there.

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  1. Thought about getting a tattoo early in my military career, but rationalized that such a permanent thing my not be something to get that young (18 or 19).

  2. One ear. Thinking about a couple tats, but can’t make up my mind.

    Interesting chuckle: a colleague with a diamond earring (very bright and visible) mentioned he wasn’t into jewelry (meaning watches, rings, bracelets etc). I pulled on my (same pierced ear) and asked “What’s this, then?” He laughed: he’d completely forgotten about it.

  3. No one is going to believe this, but I have my ex-wife’s name tattooed on my right shoulder on a banner, over a red heart (she wasn’t my ex-wife when I got it). Thought about removal several times, but am now thinking some kind of cover-up tattoo would be better.

    Got my left ear pierced when I was in college. Haven’t had an earring in years and years, though.

  4. Pierced ears, but after 6 months of itchy, swollen, red earlobes, I quit wearing earrings. Nice way to discover an allergy to metal. Can’t even wear a watch now.

    • Try a Slap watch. They’re cute, they’re cheap and they’re made of some sort of man-made stuff. I have a brown one and a big blue one. The watch face sits in a little hollowed out chamber so you’re protected from the metal.

  5. Pierced ears. Just the regular “one in each ear lobe” kind. I love wearing long, dangly artsy earrings.

  6. Pierced ears I got when my daughter did years ago. They may be virtually closed up now since I’ve stopped wearing jewelry most of the time with the exception of my Slap watches (see above) and my new red eyeglasses loop.

  7. No extra holes, no art.

    While I find many tattoos to be beautiful artwork I never understood the desire to put permanent art on one’s body.

  8. My ex-partner had a number of both. I don’t have a problem with them on someone else, but ask my mom how I reacted to getting shots as a kid.

    With tattoos, there’s the permanence factor. Very hard to remove without scarring, and it requires forethought. Some 18-year-old muscle bunny gets barbed wire drawn on his bulging biceps… but forty years later they look like puckered dental floss.

    On the other hand, as Charles Emerson Winchester III noted, “It is the common man’s way of investing in art.”

  9. My ears are pierced. I was in college, at NMSU (look it up, we are proud Aggies!), it is the end of finals week. Enter a friend armed with cork, and needle, and a bottle of alcohol. She pierced my ears, and thus, they have remained. No tatoos! I am too damn old!.

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