Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. Santee, CA. Two stints there for a total of 15 years makes it the one place I’ve lived the longest, thus the closest to the idea of home town. Present residence is only on year 8 of occupation, so I’d have to do another 7 or 8 before I could put it in the running.

    • That’s a great town…I spent a fabulous three days there at an inn staying longer than the one night I planned. I mean to return.

  2. Rochester, MN. The place that holds the best memories is Morris, MN. My 4 years of college there were pure heaven.

  3. I call Baltimore my home town. I lived my first 22 years there or nearby while attending college. However, the majority of the next 34 years have been spent in Oklahoma. So while I make my home in southeastern Oklahoma, I am defined by being a Baltimoron.

  4. Regina, Saskatchewan. My father was in the Canadian Forces and I lived all over the country growing up, so no place was really my “home town”. I’ve been in Saskatchewan since I was 20, and major life events/passages have mostly happened here, so this is my home. However, I still carry some of the other places I have lived, and other places my close relatives lived in.

  5. Complicated. St. Paul for my first ten years, plus grad school at U. Minn, and I have just returned to the Twin Cities for a Guthrie Theatre reunion, it sure felt like home. But my high school and college years were spent in Grosse Pointe and That feels like home. And then there’s Miami since 1965…and that IS home.

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