Monday, August 5, 2013

Quote of the Day

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to Fox’s Chris Wallace on the president’s jobs bill proposal:

First of all, Chris, government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does.

A couple of points here: if the government doesn’t create jobs, then who do all the police, firefighters, public school teachers, soldiers, and, oh, yes, members of Congress work for?  In Miami-Dade County, the single largest employer in the county is the public school system, and they’ve already cut their administrative staff by a third over the last five years.  The second largest employer is the county itself, keeping — for the most part — things running so that people can actually get to their jobs and provide for everyone.

As for the second point, a lot of the private sector creates jobs thanks to the government with contracts to build roads, support the infrastructure, and provide services to the people who work for the government, be it federal, state, or local.  And that includes such services as grocery stores to sell them their food and the hundreds of other businesses that sell the niceties of life like clothing, cars, and haircuts that keep our economy running.

Mr. Cantor probably knows better, but he has to keep up the Galtian mantra so that he won’t get primaried by the cranks who scream about keeping the government hands off their Medicare.

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  1. A third point: if the government doesn’t create jobs, and only the private sector does, then why is there so much evidence (statistical and anecdotal) that the drag on the economy is the continued shrinking of public sector spending? The current environment has every indication that a major employer/enterprise has indeed “gone Galt” – but it’s Washington and the state houses and not some mythic clan of “job creators.”

    Not that I expect Cantor to have an honest answer to that…

  2. Mr. Cantor is galloping away from the truth. Speaking of Medicare, more people can access the health system due to it thus, more doctors, nurses, and allied health providers have jobs. More hospitals and clinics are being built, providing jobs for the construction trades. He’s full of taurean feces.

    • He’s from Virginia. Taurean feces is a local product (I think it replaced furniture and tobacco a while ago as the leading product).

    • It doesn’t help that so many (small) communities rely on volunteer FDs and EMTs. Those aren’t jobs (though they should be). Of course, nobody talks about volunteer military service, either (especially among the Reichwing, who don’t have enough respect for diplomacy to fund it or enough respect for servicepeople to either pay them properly or join them).

      • Oh, but everyone on the right has a bumper sticker that says “if you can’t stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.” Another meme that is just flat ridiculous.

        I have NEVER, EVER met a single human being, left, right, or indifferent who doesn’t have the utmost respect for the people who fight on our behalf. They may well disagree with the policies that put them in harms way, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t deeply appreciate the incredibly hard and dangerous job they do for us all.

        Sheesh, the bumper stickers… don’t get me started…

        I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. How about driven away from the fight by 1 – a designated driver?

        • Come to Virginia and watch how veterans of recent conflicts get treated. Disclosure: modern vets (especially here) are often people of color, disproportionately impacted by decades of school “cuts” and scarred by PTSD, TBI and/or more obvious injuries. Short version: if you’re Caucasian, and (especially if you’re) a former officer, you get plum jobs (that usually require the TSI you got wearing the uniform); if not, not so much on the job front, and be careful whose way you get in at the grocery/gas-pump/7-11/wherever. “Support[ing] the Troops” is a lot more difficult for these volk when actual troops/veterans are presented to them for that gratitude to be expressed up close and in person. On the flip side, the ones working in the area include some of the most obnoxious gits I’ve encountered, as if merely wearing the uniform (while working as an analyst in some nice safe office building) were the equivalent of standing in the line of fire in Kandahar, so they’re better than the Unwashed Masses they’re forced to share the Metro with. If “Support the Troops” had any meaning then the V.A. would be the best-funded, best-managed public agency. And if the troops weren’t disposable, then Universal Service wouldn’t be a four-letter term: nothing like insisting all citizenry do their part to get those volk hemming and hawing about it not being their “responsibility” to serve. (I find that last particularly galling about the 2nd-Amendment-shouters: no restrictions on the guns they own for when Big Gubmint comes for them, but FSM forbid they actually pick up a rifle and don a uniform to protect the Union they insist they love above all else).

  3. And while I’m on this rant — in downturns, in recessions, it is ONLY the government who can create jobs. Their the only one with the cash or credit to keep the engine going. Don’t these clowns read books about the Depression?

    • Don’t these clowns read books about the Depression?

      Sure they do: the ones that say FDR scared away all the private capital with his New Deal, which but for things like WPA, CCC etc would have been over and done with by 1935/36/37/39/46/68/oh-well-sometime-soon.

      I remember reading alternate history when it was a genre of science fiction. I never thought it would wind up in a textbook.

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